Hannah Strings

Strings Education Specialist, Cellist, Teaching Artist

Everyone has the potential to not only learn music, but to become an accomplished musician, regardless of age or experience. As a teacher, I intend  to bring out the best in you and help you reach your musical goals. Whether your goal is learning the basics of your instrument or improving a specific skill, I will help you improve yourself as a musician and push beyond your perceived limits.


Learning music is about more than learning the notes and how to play your instrument. It builds neural pathways in the brain and unlocks a totally new way to communicate emotion.  My aim is to help you develop your critical thinking skills and your curiosity, as well as help you use music as a way enhance your life. While I will expect the best out of you, I will provide all the encouragement and support you need to reach that level and work with you to provide the best education possible. I also will augment your education with history, theory, and other fun tidbits/pieces of advice.

A longer term of commitment is ideal to help you gain and maintain your skills, but it is not required. If you are excited, curious, want to just try it out for fun, want to enhance your skills, or would like a strings education specialist/teaching artist to work with your education program, then feel free to contact me at hannahw@hannahstrings.com. I’m excited for everything we’ll accomplish together!